Why Mexico   

Primary Mexican Industrial Centers

Primary Mexican Industrial Centers


  • Capital of Nuevo Leon
  • Population approximately 3.7M (3rd largest Mexican City)
  • highest GDP per capita of any Latin American city
  • Ranked as most secure city in all of Latin America
  • Recognized by Fortune magazine (1999) as the best city in Latin America to do business in
  • 0ver 13,000 manufacturing companies
  • 18% of all of Mexico's manufactured exports come from Monterrey
  • Home of the world class university Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESM) among other universities.  ITESM is recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in all of Latin America
  • International aiport


  • Capital of Coahuila
  • Population approximately 637,000
  • industrial and manufacturing center for the automotive industry and the adjunct suppliers of this industry as there are major assembly facilities in Saltillo for Daimler Chrysler and General Motors
  • Considered the "Detroit" of Mexico
  • Multiple universities
  • International airport


  • 3rd largest city in the state of Coahuila
  • Population approximately 360,000
  • City has highest production of steel in Mexico
  • International airport


  • 2nd largest city in the state of Coahuila
  • Population approximately 1.1M
  • 9th largest metropolitan area in Mexico
  • On the border of the states of Coahuila and Durango
  • International airport


  • Located on the Mexican-US border in the state of Tamaulipas across from McAllen, Texas
  • Population approximately 750,000
  • Home of many maquiladoras
  • Easily accessible via the McAllen airport in the US

Ciudad Juarez

  • Located on the Mexican-US border in the state of Chihuahua across from El Paso, Texas
  • Population approximately 1.5M
  • Combined with El Paso it makes the largest international border community in the world
  • Many maquiladoras and American manufacturing facilities
  • International airport


  • Main city in the state of Tamaulipas
  • Population approximately 800,000
  • Direct access to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Important sea port with barge access to the US
  • International airport


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