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What Makes MarketWise Unique

Supply Chain Concepts

We do not represent companies…  We represent solutions…

  • Develop long-term strategic resources
  • Leverage buying power in order to drive enhanced quality with lower costs
  • Promote a pro-active timeline to drive faster savings
  • Match customer needs with the proper core competencies of suppliers
  • Focus on repeat business where the learning curve and economies of scale allow for the maximum savings for the customer at the least cost
  • Utilizing near-shore resources vs. off-shore, allowing for easier communication and more flexibility
  • Promote utilizing logistics concepts to enhance the maximum value of each project
  • Interested in promoting what is good for the customer and the supplier…as a successful supplier leads to a successful customer
  • If we cannot find exactly what the customer is looking for we can help to identify and develop suppliers with the proper core competencies
  • We stay with projects throughout their lifetime offering consistency and experience
  • Project size does not matter if the strategy fits

The real work starts after the PO

We focus on the success of the project and not the receipt of the purchase order


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